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We will be closed June 2018 for the entire month.

Saddle & Paddle

Spend ½ day horseback riding & ½ day paddling the Rio Grande!

This itinerary is intended as an example only. Your trip may vary somewhat depending on weather and river conditions, your guide and your group's interests. Itineraries may be subject to change, please call our office for additional information.

Experience two of the best ways to see the Big Bend Area in one day
by joining Lajitas Stables & Big Bend River Tours for this exciting combo adventure!

Your day will start at Lajitas Stables (located 2.5 miles west of Lajitas, TX, on FM 170) at 8:00 am
Here you will be greeted by your wrangler and given a short riding lesson before heading out.

Our trail climbs high up into the mountains of the Chihuahuan Desert that frame the Rio Grande River.  Dramatic overlooks, spectacular vistas deep into Old Mexico, and abundant wildlife make this an unforgettable ride.  To the north, we get an unsurpassed view of “The Solitario” in Big Bend Ranch State Park – considered one of the seven geological wonders of the world.   We wind our way back down Contrabando Mesa amidst stories of the area’s very colorful history.  

After returning to Lajitas Stables you will have time to change from your riding boots & britches to your shorts & sandals. Your guide from Big Bend River Tours will meet you at the Stables to start your second half of your day-long adventure.  Depending on water levels your trip may be done in canoes or rafts.

Water is always magical in the desert.  As you gently glide along shores lined with Giant Cane, Mesquite, Palo Verde and Salt Cedars your guide will point out some interesting desert plants, unusual geologic formations and can also answer any questions you may have.  Along the way you may pass through Dark Canyon. The cliffs here are literally a hanging garden of cacti and wildflowers.  Their blooms splash brilliant colors across its dark walls. This lush riparian area is prime habitat for the 400 plus species of birds found in the Big Bend.  Keep a close look out for the Vermillion Flycatcher, Painted and Varied Buntings and Summer Tanager to name a few.   After loading gear and canoes or rafts we head back to the Stables thus ends your adventure for the day.

PRICE:            For prices see our price list.

If you enjoy your trip, gratuities for your guide are always appreciated.